Scotch Plains Laundromat & Laundry - Fresh & Clean Laundromat
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Fresh and Clean Laundromat

Fresh and Clean Laundromat is conveniently located in Scotch Plains, NJ at 1734 East 2nd Street 07076. We have plenty of parking, free WIFI and large flat panel, cable TV screens. Our laundromat is clean and spacious, with change and well stocked food and snack vending machines for your enjoyment.

We offer same day wash and fold service and new, state of the art laundry cleaning washers and dryers for speedy turnaround.

At Fresh and Clean Laundromat, we’ve invested in top of the line laundry machinery, including washers, dryers which are brand news, stainless steel and high efficiency, that is, they use little water and don’t need much detergent!

At Fresh and Clean laundry services, our laundromat washers have huge drums, making them great for comforters and things you don’t want to wash at home, such as rugs, dirty work clothes, uniforms, drapes and car/auto mats. Additionally, we offer commercial laundry cleaning services such as work and sports uniforms, hotel linens such as towels, sheets and bed spreads.

Our washers at Fresh and Clean Laundromat have high speed extractors built in so it removes more water from your laundered clothes. Our dryer drums are huge, so they have more air circulation space to reduce the drying time. We also have a change machine that can accommodate up to $20 bills and a soap/ softener dispenser that makes your laundry task a breeze!



Which hold 2 loads


Which hold 4 loads


Which hold 6 loads